About AIoTEL

AIoTEL Labs is affiliated to AIoTEL Technology Co., Ltd. and is the members of the Chunghwa Telecom 5G accelerator and the TAcc+ National Accelerator of the Industrial Technology Research Institute. Its members are from the listed companies of ICT sector, with more than 20 years of rich experience in IoT, system integration, data, voice, security and weak-current system integration.

After the opening of the Taiwan Telecom Law in 2019, the company on the strength of years of experience in developing mobile APP with the world's top ten instant messaging software providers in 2020. And, has obtained the transfer of VoIP technology from major international manufacturers. The APP's stability exceeds that of major IP telephony APPs and completely subverts the previous perception of digital communication APPs. It also can be compatible with local telephones / various switchboards / desktop extensions / MVPN (Mobile Virtual Private Network)  and smart IoT devices.

AIoTEL APP customers, from home users with only one landline to switchboard/PBX environments of large enterprises, all provide plug-and-play methods and stable APP call quality. Instantly build a mobile office, improve company productivity by 20% (Note 1) and save 75% of communication costs (Note 2).

Just like the process of evolution feature phones with smartphones, traditional desk phones upgrade to smartphones (large screens), and or optimizing DECT digital wireless phones and base stations, radio walkie-talkies and base stations, MVPN (Mobile Virtual Private Network), and traditional telephone switchboards . Cost saving on the call forwarding mobile phone, monthly subsidized mobile call fee, monthly high mobile tariff… and so on are now in progress. COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend of this wave of digital transformation of telephones. We aim to grow together, promote the latest Internet of Things technology, assist customers in mobile office to improve productivity, competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and create more value for customers.

Future milestones:

① AIoTEL fixed-line mobile APP integrates traditional phone calls (gas vehicle concept).

② AIoTEL fixed-line mobile APP integrates the cloud PBX (electric vehicle concept).

③ AIoTEL fixed-line mobile APP integrates traditional phone / PBX / IP-PBX / web call /

   LINE official account / ibusiness card (hybrid vehicle concept).

Note  1: Businesses can save up to 75% on communication if they opt for VoIP. 

(data source: BullsEye Telecom, 2019)

Note 2: VoIP makes it easy to accommodate calls anywhere, allowing companies to increase

productivity by up to 20%. (data source: Harbor Networks)


“AIoTEL provides a two-way video or telephone communication solution between global human and IoT devices through dialing extension numbers to connect your people and customers anytime, anywhere that significantly improves communication efficiency and productivity.”

Our digital solution can be either “parallel” with other existing communication solutions, without “abandoning” the original infrastructure or construct a new solution; just like the innovative concept of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, with “Dual power” sources.

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