About AIoTEL

AIoTEL Labs is a subsidiary of AIoTEL Technology Co., Ltd. During its startup phase, it received guidance from LIGHT WORK and TAcc+ startup accelerators. Subsequently, it stood out among 200 startups with its outstanding technology and was selected to join the fourth edition of the Chunghwa Telecom 5G Accelerator. 

The team members have over twenty years of experience in communication, information security, and weak current system integration. Their software development expertise covers various industries, including application development, software automation (desktop, mobile, web), web crawling robots, AI (text, image), big data analysis, website development, system integration, and more. 


“AIoTEL provides a two-way video or telephone communication solution between global human and IoT devices through dialing extension numbers to connect your people and customers anytime, anywhere that significantly improves communication efficiency and productivity.”

Our digital solution can be either “parallel” with other existing communication solutions, without “abandoning” the original infrastructure or construct a new solution; just like the innovative concept of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, with “Dual power” sources.

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