Phone Call APP Recording Module

Mobile Local call/call center recording module

A mobile module that meets legal requirements and 

can be used for portable business recording

Compatible with parallel devices

It can be integrated with the company's business telephone switchboard system or PBX and on-site recording system. Even if outside office or on a business trip, both on-site system and APP can retain the required records.

Professional-level functions

An optimal tool for mobile business and customer service. Wherever you are, the APP can record, play, download or share calls automatically and in-APP access the recording anytime. 

Preference Self-customization

One-click custom recording or cancel recording function that accommodates to both legal compliance and personal privacy.

Applicable Plans

AIoTEL individual version APP

Applicable Scenarios:

Fee plan:

   (rent or buyout)

AIoTEL enterprise version APP

Applicable Scenarios:

Fee Plan:

AIoTEL micro business versionAPP

Applicable Scenarios:

Fee Plan:

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