Our brand name is AIoTEL, which stands for AIoT Telephone APP.

In 2021, we established our own brand fixed-line mobile APP (Gateway plug-and-play patent M605428) , adhering to the excellent technical quality of MIT made in Taiwan, based in Taiwan and expand to the global.

Key Words:

AIoT、SaaS、5G、VoIP、Video、iBusiness card

With the goal of " Enhancing digital communication applications with smarter, simpler and more cost-effective digital technology", our innovative technologies (new products /services, new technology applications and optimized processes)

are the bridge from an analog voice telephone to a digital voice telephone, filling the gap between analogy and the digitalization.

Our solution is based on the stable quality, flat rate and wide application of traditional open communication structure, it also breaks the limitations of low mobility, high construction / maintenance costs and low-efficiency management.

Our business model emphasized SaaS's subscription scheme with the advantages of flat rate, competitive cost , high quality, broad compatibility and powerful professional-level features.