Call Center 

Webcall Module

Free calls and No need to add connection

Application Framework

Application Scenarios

Scenario 1: 24 hours Toll-free 080 customer service number 

for both parties

Click to directly dial EZTalk web call, 

toll-free call

Scenario 2: Advertising flyers 

QR Code Connect Direct Dial

EZTalk Web Call

Business card/signboard/leaflet/

catalog/website /magazine embed 


Scenario 3: no need to add friends for free calls, further connect to mobile APP

Only scan or click the link to add friends

and make free call anytime

Scenario 4: no need of a call transfer, toll-free and directly dial

No need to transfer calls anymore when away of the desks or out of office

On-line Experience

(by scanning QR code or clicking the link)

Instruction for example 1-call transfer through the central switchboard: 

Scanning or clicking on the link on the mobile phone/tablet, and dial the designated extension after connecting and through switchboard/PBX. 

Instruction for example 2 -direct dial to extension

Scanning or clicking on the link on the mobile phone/tablet, and directly connect to designated extension. 

Example 1 Scan below 

QR code to experience

Example 2 Scan below 

QR code to experience

Example ① Click the link,click Here

Example ② Click the link,click Here

LINE official account connects to the customer service phone number

The caller clicks on the six icons in the Line menu to make a free call with the callee

Now anyone can apply for and download the 

LINE@ or LINE official account APP for free, 

which is separate from the private LINE APP.

On-line experience-from the consumer's angle:

① Press to join the official account of AIoTEL Line

② Choose any one of 6 icons and click to start 

     the browser Google WebRTC web call function 

③ Allow > Free calls to both parties (support 

     Wi-Fi/ 3G/4G/ 5G)。