Digital Business Card Call Module


iBusiness Card

(Embedded web call)

Scan QR code or one click the link to import business card information into 

iPhone & Google Address book

(or Android supports  Google Chrome 

import Google Address book)

Application Framework

Customized digital business card---

Scan QR code to enter the customer's mobile phone address book contacts, providing all links, phone numbers, emails, addresses, product, or service keywords...

When you hand out a traditional business card, who will import your profile and store your phone's contacts? 

If the customer does not want to add LINE friends, is there any way to exchange your profile and business information? 

Now, AIoTEL iBusiness Card will provide you with an instant digital transformation method for traditional business cards. Customers scan the QR-code to link to the Amazon cloud drive to download the digital business card file, and save it into the mobile phone address book or phone book with one click. The file is compatible with LINE shared contacts, LINE Keep, and imported Android or iPhone mobile contact.  

In addition to providing rich links and text introductions, digital business cards can also purchase EZTalk web call links, which allows customers to make toll-free calls immediately. (Call to the company representative number/special  line/switchboard/extension/AIoTEL mobile APP without adding connection.)

Product Features

Smart and easy

Scan QR code or download the VCF file,

One-click to save mobile address book

Multipurpose application

Business card and toll-free call in one,

One-click import immediately

Digital innovation

Customized without hand keys into business card book, One phone in hand,  exchange business cards at any time

Increase efficiency

Free web call, seamless connection, Bring business opportunities anytime, anywhere


Carry-free, zero-contact,

Exchange business cards anytime, anywhere

High CP Value

One-time cost, recycling,

No additional business card management required

Product Package

iBusiness package: 

A package for building business connection and efficient communication.

Import into Andriod 及Iphone schematics 

AIoTEL ibusiness card provides 3 ways to import the user's business information into the customer's mobile phone address book:

① Share and import via LINE 

② Scan QR code to download and import 

③ Click the link to download and import.

Video Demo (through LINE share)

Support iPhone add AIoTEL LINE official account「Request a ibusiness card」

On-line experience link: Click the Link

Video demo (through scan QR code)

Instructions :

Click the QR-code link or click "here" to download the example's ibusiness card VCF file from Amazon Cloud Drive.

Android: ① Select an account>OK ② Open with>Contacts ③ Save the imported contacts to the specified account.

iPhone: ① Press the upper right to download ② Allow ③ Export ④ Add Contact ⑤ Save.