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Call APP

AIoTEL Fixed-line Phone/

Video Call APP

   desk phone.

AIoTEL fixed-line phone/video call APP is a new product/service, a new technology application and optimizes processes under digital transformation application. It aims to act as the bridge from an analog voice telephone to a digital voice telephone, filling the gap between analogy and the digitalization. It designed into multi-operations in parallel with other existing communication solutions to improve the mobility and efficiency of telephone communication.

The key features of our solution:

The benefits :

Businesses can save up to 75% on communication if they opt for VoIP. 

(data source: BullsEye Telecom, 2019)

VoIP makes it easy to accommodate calls anywhere, allowing companies to increase

productivity by up to 20%. (data source: Harbor Networks)

$1,200 – savings per month by businesses with 30 users using a new VOIP system

 (data source: Harbor Networks)

Application Framework

The bridge from an analog voice telephone to a digital voice telephone-

Parallel Dual-Operation Hybrid Application with Analog/Digitalization

Application scenarios

Fixed-line mobile APP Function List

Powerful functions beyond professional IP phones and switchboards

Compatible with parallel devices

Professional-level functions

Preference Self-customization

Applicable Plans

AIoTEL individual version APP

Applicable Scenarios:

Fee plan:

   (Use case1,rent or buyout)

AIoTEL enterprise version APP

Applicable Scenarios:

Fee Plan:

AIoTEL micro business version APP

Applicable Scenarios:

Fee Plan:

VoIP 1-port device 

(Plug-and-play: Patent No. M605428)

(Please contact us for lease and sale plans of multi-ports or standard IP professional-grade equipment) 

VoIP 1-Port Gateway-

Plug-and-play, free setup

1) 1 line physical cable line connect 1-port   


2) 1-port device connect 1 network wire 

   (Automatically connect dynamic IP)。

3) 1-port device can connect up to 5 desks

   phones set (Incoming calls ring


4) A package solution can be catered with 

    fixed-line mobile APP 、 web call 、 doorbell

    and walkie-talkie etc.

5) Package with cost-saving box for frequent

    fixed-line call users

The appearance of product is subject to practicality

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