Remote Doorbell APP

Device for Doorway intercom/

Mobile phone remote control

① Doorway intercom/mobile phone remote

    unlock package (K-695D)

② APP remote talk with intercom and  control

   the lock.

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AIoTEL QR code Doorbell Free Talk Intercom

Two ways to apply, choose the appropriate method:

Way 1:

Click the doorbell QR code to generate a link, after the QR code is automatically generated, print out the QR code picture and paste it on the doorbell. Any visitor can scan the QR code and talk to you directly through the mobile phone.

Way 2:

Send your doorbell intercom link to your relatives, friends or customers, any visitor can click the link directly, link to the EZTalk web phone and talk to you through the mobile phone intercom.

Application Scenarios

Remote talk makes house save even when you go to work and go abroad

Zero contact for epidemic prevention, households/


Business etc.

Scanning for instant remote talk

Factory/community remote intercom

,make site save on weekdays and holidays